What is the Foundation’s relationship with government?

The Foundation is a fully independent charitable organization. It is being created with funding from the Government of Canada, awarded as part of the National Sixties Scoop Settlement. The consultation process is being led independently of government by advisors (Kenn Richard and Dr. Raven Sinclair) who report directly to the Interim Board.

What services or support will the Foundation provide?

That’s an important question and it’s one that will be answered through the Engagement process, by hearing directly from survivors.

How was the Interim Board chosen and how long will it be in place?

It was necessary to form an Interim Board in order for funds to be established for the Foundation. The lead plaintiffs in the settlement—Marcia, Maggie, and Sharon—agreed to take on this responsibility and recruited support from child welfare experts who bring the necessary knowledge and credibility to help oversee the consultation process. The Interim Board will remain in place for a limited period until the Engagement process is finished and an official Board can be elected.

Are Interim Board members paid?

No. This is purely a volunteer role.

When will the Engagement process begin and what will it achieve?

We anticipate launching the engagement process in the spring of 2019 and running these engagement sessions over the summer and early fall months. During the engagement process we will ask for input from Sixties Scoop survivors to inform what the Foundation should do and how it should be run and governed. Following the engagement process, the advisors will prepare recommendations for the mandate and structure of the Foundation, which will set the course for its future.

Is this related to the Sixties Scoop Claim info sessions that are currently taking place?

No. The claim information sessions, focused on helping people complete the claims form, are being led by Collectiva— the organization responsible for administering the National Sixties Scoop Settlement Claim process.  The Foundation is not involved in these sessions. We encourage people to visit the Collectiva website for more information.

How is the consultation being paid for?

The government of Canada is providing funding for the Engagement process that is separate and apart from the $50 million being granted to fund the Foundation.