Important Information for Journalists and Media

Thank you for your interest in the Sixties Scoop Foundation National Engagement Process. We are pleased to support your effort to share important information about the Engagement Process and the role and voices of Sixties Scoop Survivors in that process.

We also ask for your understanding and support in protecting the privacy of Survivors and maintaining the sacred nature of the Engagement space. Please note the following:

  • Media are not allowed to attend Sixties Scoop Engagement sessions. This is to protect the privacy of Survivors and to ensure that any personal information shared during these sessions is kept in confidence.
  • Media should not film Survivors outside of the Engagement room (e.g. at registration), without their explicit consent. This includes interviews, conversations, and b-roll footage.
  • Media wishing to conduct onsite interviews should arrive one hour before the session begins. We are happy to help arrange onsite interviews with the Director of Engagement and to help facilitate interviews with Engagement participants who want to share their story, before sessions begin. We ask that journalists refrain from seeking interviews during the sessions, as this disrupts participants’ ability to fully engage and participate.

Media Contact:

For more information, or to schedule an interview, please contact Anna Milner,

Media Resources:

Media Backgrounder
Conrad Prince, Director of Engagement, Head Shot